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    Attending GNOME Boston Summit

    By Fred Muller
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    • November 6, 2010

    Last minute decision (and thanks to a misunderstanding) I’m attending the GNOME Boston Summit and will use this opportunity to build a sales presentation for GNOME technologies geared towards device ...

  • Maintaining multiple websites

    Maintaining multiple websites

    By Fred Muller
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    • October 27, 2010

    As we have just finished upgrading the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group website I was realising that I actually maintain around 10+ community sites using various pieces of software (and plug-ins) ...

  • Already 6 months in South China

    Already 6 months in South China

    By Fred Muller
    • 2
    • October 12, 2010

    It’s been now 6 months that Pockey and I have left Beijing and moved to Shantou. A great decision if you ask me, and we can now enjoy summertime for ...

  • SFD Work Update

    SFD Work Update

    By Fred Muller
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    • July 23, 2010

    And while every body knows that SFD registration has started, there is still a lot of work happening behind (and in front of) the scene. Wiki page cleaning, guiding team ...

  • The death of my LCD screen

    The death of my LCD screen

    By Fred Muller
    • 3
    • July 10, 2010

    And after leaving Beijing and being so quiet, my faithful Thinkpad has also decided to go quiet… well I can still work on about 3-400 pixel width (by 1050 high) ...

  • Blogging on ZDNet Asia

    Blogging on ZDNet Asia

    By Fred Muller
    • 2
    • February 2, 2010

    Following the steps of Michael and Peter I’ve just started to blog on ZDNet Asia yesterday. My writings there will be a lot more “journalistic” than my random stories over ...

  • New phone number

    New phone number

    By Fred Muller
    • 1
    • January 26, 2010

    Some of you might have received a SMS from me this morning, I have switched mobile provider and therefore have a new number. I’ll keep the old one for another ...

  • 2010 starting full speed

    2010 starting full speed

    By Fred Muller
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    • January 20, 2010

    I hope everybody had a great time over Christmas and the new year festivities. It’s not really my preferred time of the year for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean ...

  • Software Freedom International 2010 Presidency

    Software Freedom International 2010 Presidency

    By Fred Muller
    • 1
    • December 4, 2009

    Catching up with life since my return from GNOME.Asia Summit as a lot of things have happened as well last month. On December 1st the SFD General Assembly was held ...

  • I proposed today…

    I proposed today…

    By Fred Muller
    • 9
    • November 27, 2009

    and she said YESSSS. For those knowing us it won’t be a big surprise as we’ve been already over 6 years together. For those knowing me, it’s probably a surprise ...