The death of my LCD screen

And after leaving Beijing and being so quiet, my faithful Thinkpad has also decided to go quiet… well I can still work on about 3-400 pixel width (by 1050 high) one could argue. The problem is that I see no reason to upgrade, the machine runs fast enough and I doubt a new laptop will bring me anything better (than this 4 years old one).

So it’s getting fixed (580rmb, 3-4 days) and I shall soon rejoice 😀

3 thoughts on “The death of my LCD screen

  1. Fred forgot to update you guys that he got his screen changed at RMB 480, the shopkeeper gave him back RMB 100 and said “you paid too much” 😉 nice people!

  2. Yes.. I also didn’t mention I had to go through the usual “Chinese misunderstanding”, that is giving a laptop with a broken 1400×1050 screen and getting a 1024×768 new LCD as a replacement, and the shop owner was not happy (even though I made it clear when giving the laptop). Anyway 2 days later I indeed got a second hand working 1400×1050 with a 100RMB discount that I didn’t even ask for. So definitely kudos to the shop at the end. I’ll definitely return whenever I have an opportunity.

  3. Oh yes, and the sound no longer works (both speakers and headset)… need to check a bit more before accusing anyone 😉

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