Dokuwiki on Debian

dokuwikiWent through my n+1 installation of my preferred wiki, dokuwiki on a Debian server and for the first time run into a small error, a warning actually, that would systematically be displayed on the wiki page header:
Warning: mb_strrpos() [function.mb-strrpos]: Empty haystack in /../../inc/pageutils.php line 142
Warning: mb_strrpos() [function.mb-strrpos]: Empty haystack in /../../inc/pageutils.php line 155

The error was there whether I used aptitude or manual install and I couldn’t find anything online or in the bug tracker about it. Finally went under Dokuwiki IRC channel and with the help of “Chris–S” narrowed down the problem to either mb_string overloading or stricter error checking.

The fix? Changing:
mbstring.func_overload = 7
mbstring.func_overload = 0
in php.ini and restarting Apache. This is a system wide change, there is also a way to change it per site using a .htaccess file. Hope that helps someone.

4 thoughts on “Dokuwiki on Debian

  1. Maybe you shouldn’t ask me… but yes, Hi. Not sure I have any justification to give, if your the Planet admin and think I have nothing to do there, please do remove me. Else ask the planet admin himself.
    I personally see no value in your comment to my post so I’ll skip answering… 😀

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot for doing so. I should actually have done so myself, but since nobody else seemed to have the problem and I wasn’t sure whether it was a Debian or Dokuwiki default setting issue.. well excuses.

    Thank you Andreas!

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