Binary watch

Binary watch - 12:23Spent my (western) New Year visiting my family and shopping in Hong Kong – great sales by the way, even at normal price every branded stuff is way cheaper than China – and found something that can only please a geek: a binary watch. Didn’t know it existed and wanted it as soon as I saw it. The only draw back is that you need to push a button to be able to read the time (it switches on the LEDs), but the rest is really cool. And I guess only another geek would steal it from me, as anybody else will probably not be able to read the time (they still added the bits value on the PCB though, for non-geeks I suppose). The upper LED row shows the hour, coded on 4 bits, and the lower row the minutes, coded on 6 bits.

And in case you were wondering, it was 12:2312:27 (thanks Julien) when I took the picture! 😉

10 thoughts on “Binary watch

  1. 8+4 = 12
    1+2+8+16 = 27

    You sure it was not 12:27? If not, how do you read the minutes?

  2. yeah, it looks really cool~ I would have wondering who would buy the watch before you met all you geeks, well I know it’s a cool gadget for geeks haha 🙂


  3. I was wondering about the minutes “hand”?
    Wouldn’t just 5 bits work? 2^5 + 2^4 + 2^3 + 2^2 = 60
    Am I missing something?

    ps it is a pretty sweet geek gadget.

  4. hey great watch, by the way i’m in hongkong now, where can i buy this watch? in wan chai? or in central ?


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