Another day at the Beijing Zoo

Just back from the Beijing Zoo where we (the “reptile team”) went to install a misting system that Adrien (our Chameleon Expert) just brought back from the US. Even though they are made in China it seems impossible to buy any here. I did take a few shots with my iPhone to share. So here is all the process in images below:

Misting system
The whole system, including the pump, the nozzles, the pipe, a transformer, an electronic timer and a big water container (280L).

Electronic timer
Setting up the electronic timer.

Installed on top of the terrariumWater is coming in
The set up on top of the terrarium and the water starting to flow in.

We’re in the rain forest!
The rain forest experience!

While cutting and assembling the pipe we also did take a look at the animals, especially the weak ones. So here is a shot of one of the chameleons who had no UV 2 weeks ago, and how he is feeling much better in his new environment.

Happy chameleon

This is an “old time friend” who is on her way to recovery after she had a surgery last summer (abscess removal). She almost stopped eating at one point and we had little hope. Seems she is doing much better now (she still needs a few more pounds though) and was very happy to grab the salad we offered.Recovering iguana

Overall a good visit, the keepers also added quite a few plants, some nicer looking water bowls and cleaned the cages before CNY.

3 thoughts on “Another day at the Beijing Zoo

  1. Very cool! Be extremely careful with that pump, though. It will destroy itself if you run it dry or for more than five minutes! That can happen pretty easily with those timers.

    If that happens, let me know and I will get you one that will last for years.

  2. Hi! Yes we’re aware of this “limitation”. The timer is set to run for 3 minutes a few times a day and the water container should be able to last for 2 weeks without being refilled. Though we expressly instructed the keeper to check daily or every other day and refill when 20-30% of the water was missing. So hopefully that will work well. What pump are you referring to? Maybe it’s worth for us to have a look and try to obtain that one in the future still?

  3. Hi!!, I have a similar pump but in order to use it I need to know how many watts does it consume, Please if you can help me with that I will apreciate it.

    Thanks!!, and nice chameleon!

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