A cockatoo anyone?


My cool vet, Tony, emailed me yesterday and asked:

Interested in rescuing a cockatoo or know anyone who is?

Umbrella CockatooSo before you jump ship and say “yes yes I want one” please review this excellent site www.mytoos.com. For a more scientific article I would recommend the wikipedia page which has a wealth of information describing this bird which is very close to the parrot.

For people interested note that you will need to live in Beijing or eventually China and pass an adoption test. I unfortunately already have too many lizards to bring one more animal at home (or I need a new home). I also have little information at the moment to which sub-species it belongs but will inquire today.

3 thoughts on “A cockatoo anyone?

  1. Ouch 🙁 I’ve always wanted one, but I don’t think I can afford it (based on the website you linked — cage, medical care, all that, it’s just not the right time for me).

    But let me know if you absolutely can’t find someone, I’ll go out and sell my body, rob a bank, or something!

  2. The owner found someone already so thanks, your sacrifices won’t be necessary ;-). I think the cost should be somewhat lower in China but you still have to deal with issues like space, toys, time, avian vet and a few more. I feel birds really should fly…

  3. they are very beautiful, but one bite me once … i i am very careful, and let me tell you IF they bite, it hurts … they can crack a walnut in seconds … ^^
    Btw, i before he bite i did not even try to touch him or so on, i just wanted to help my friend change the water dongxie at the fence of the cage …

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