Sad day

beardyI lost one of my beardies today. Can’t tell whether it was natural death or not, he was laying asleep (their sleeping position is quite characteristic) with both eyes closed and noticed when I thought that was suspicious. We’ve had him for a year and half, and he was already adult (and sick) when he was given to us; at least one year and half year old, maybe more. They usually live 4 years (up to 10 years) in captivity so it’s really hard to say whether the poor guy reached his end-of-natural-life or not. He had his last few crickets yesterday as usual and we really couldn’t tell.

I’ll be missing him…

5 thoughts on “Sad day

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  2. Sorry guy, the Planet BLUG is about the lives and experiences of BLUG members. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and at least show a bit of decency.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe someone came to the blog of the founder of PlanetBLUG and made such an impolite comment… I wonder what has s/he done for BLUG and the planet…. to make a comment like this 😉

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