New baby born…


While getting ready to leave to the office and quickly spreading water over our day geckos terrarium as we do every morning (one need to keep humidity levels rather high since they’re originally coming from Madagascar), I noticed an extra small gecko inside the enclosure. Since we live in a typical Beijing courtyard we do have a central yard which gets full of local geckos from spring to autumn. The fact that we keep crickets at home to feed our own reptiles, and that those crickets easily escape, do attract all the neighboring geckos for free food (they probably have planted gecko signs offering “Open Food Services at Fred’s yard”). So, I thought for a moment it was one of those little guys that made it through our living room and into the terrarium.
Well I was wrong, our female phesulma did actually lay eggs since she was given to us by the Beijing Zoo (actually they gave both a male and a female), but we carefully took care of her first clutch (2 eggs each time, 1 clutch a year found 2 more eggs this morning, so obviously that was wrong. Maybe it was an Easter egg celebration?), removing the eggs from the terrarium and placing them in a special container, measuring and respecting required temperature and humidity levels and hoping we would get babies. That didn’t work and we kind of gave up on the idea.

Seems nature has decided otherwise and that leaving the eggs in the terrarium itself (Pockey now knows why they do hide their eggs 😉 ) and not bothering about it was a much more successful way to get baby phelsumas. So welcome into our world little guy (or girl), and we’ll do our best to give you a happy life!

4 thoughts on “New baby born…

  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Glad to know the little Gecko is in the right hands to be taken care of.
    Breeding animals is always a tricky bit and seems like you got the good portion of luck needed.

  2. Easter egg celebration! Thanks giving! Seems you like raising animals while I like raising plants at home. Both of us value life.

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