Making it to Planet BLUG

Inspired by the few of you already writing daily on the BLUG Planet and the great New Green Look I decided to start contributing as well. In fact, some of you may think I should probably not write my thoughts out loud, as it is seldom politically correct. But hey, I might give Peter or Ben Editor rights to my BLOG so they can review articles before I post and decide whether it should be re-written or not posted ;-).

I need to make myself an hackergotchi head since I’ve been taking great pleasure in chopping everybody’s head so far. It’ s now my turn to be chopped! There is a great tutorial here for people sharing that passion (chopping heads off in the virtual worlds).

Things you can expect here are my own views on being a consultant in management in China, Open Source and Linux, helping animals in captivity (mostly reptiles) and occasionally how all this fit into enjoying my life in Beijing. The common denominator for those 3 main topics is improving the world around me and doing my little part (or not being able to do it). I hope my experiences will be useful for some, and that I will get some feedback when needed.

Thanks for reading!