Celebrating SFD tomorrow in Shantou, China

As the title says it, I will be finally celebrating SFD tomorrow. That’s only one month and 10 days after the official date. Since we are doing this in Shantou University we had a few scheduling issues and were trying to also coordinated with Professor Mao from Taiwan, himself SFD organizer this year. I will be presenting “Why Software Freedom matters” which I initially wrote for GNOME.Asia 2011 and then reviewed with Richard Stallman to share it with SFD teams this summer. Pockey will be presenting “Why and how to contribute to Free Software”. The STU Linux Association will present as well but I am not aware of the specific topics yet.

And for those who wonder what’s happening with SFD during the “low season” we still need to open the 2011 competition. Unfortunately my 3 development machines have died on me over the past month and I did struggle with Debian not installing from USB or burned CDs to be faulty (Murphy’s law you know, I really feel great about the whole thing! 🙁 ). On the bright side this will give equal time to all teams to submit their report.

Last but not least the SFI Board will have a meeting early next month and should finalize a few cool things we’ve been discussing at the last meeting. So stay tuned!