Back to writing

Back to writing

So after a long silence and probably not much to share I’m back into doing a lot of things, probably some of which are worth sharing. I’m still very much involved in Free Software but probably in a very different way. I also live in a different country where software in general, and Free Software in particular is not something people do much.

I also feel more attracted to hardware stuff (and I’m really not very good at it) and am playing with ESP8266 cards, home automation and the likes.

I’ve also acquired 3 Raspberry Pi at last (yes, one was probably not enough 😉 ) and I’m looking at all sorts of small HW/Software projects.

Last but not least Digital Freedom Foundation is still ongoing and it’s probably time to upgrade all our infrastructure with Python 2 having reached end of life and a few other things needing to come back.

So see you all back here soon again!