GNOME T-Shirt design contest!

GNOME T-shirt ContestFor the designers out there I’d like to mentioned that the GNOME Foundation is launching a T-shirt design competition to prepare for the launch of GNOME 3.0. So if you have a bit of designing skills and would like to see the millions of us, GNOME users, wearing your art, then give it a try. First prize also entitles you for U$100 and 2 T-shirts of your own design, though we all know no one does it for the money!

Now for those of you just curious to see what the latest GNOME Shell looks like I recommend trying out compiling from the GIT repository as explained here starting around the middle of the page. It’s definitely nice to see Free Software innovating and coming up with complete new ideas and interfaces in desktop computing. Note that this is still a work in progress (code freeze should happen around February-March) and might not work so well on your machine. Tip: ‘ALT+F2 – debugexit – ENTER’ gets you out!

GNOME Rocks (too)!

Gnome Foundation SponsoredAn update from the GNOME Summit where we’re reaching the third and last day of this great event. Attending the summit has definitely given me a much better idea of who are the real people behind those chopped-off heads from the GNOME Planet and who does what. I’ve been impressed and inspired by some of the people contributing to GNOME as a hobby and not because they are being employed by a company investing in GNOME. There are way too many people to name them all, but Jason from the marketing team is one of them. It has been also very enlightening to see how some of the people having the luck of getting paid for their work on GNOME had GNOME flowing through their veins and caring so much about things such as branding and how we should all be involved in GNOME directions as community members. In fact the common denominator of all those people attending is the passion that fuels their interest and commitment to GNOME and all its related issues. I was also very happy to meet Xan again, who also attended the GNOME.Asia Summit in Taipei this summer, and Srini from India and many more guys (the list is way too long).

On the third day we are lucky enough to be hosted in the MIT Media Lab which is a beautiful building with a splendid view on the river. We have a huge 9 panels LCD screen for presentations and discussions, plenty of rooms and empty spaces to drill down on all the potential issues remaining before the GNOME 3 release.

I’ve taken on the initiative to put up a group of sales presentations for GNOME, highlighting both the benefits and the technology of GNOME geared towards decision makers and engineers (so it’ll probably be 2 different presentations) to entice them to use GNOME on whatever project they’re doing. I’m hoping to use those more specifically for all the device manufacturers I meet regularly in South China and would definitely be excited to see products coming out with GNOME (rather than anything else).
So quite a few challenges ahead and some work to do as the information related to GNOME and its technologies or applications in the real world is spread over several persons within the GNOME community. But that’ll be a great way to meet more GNOME developers and make plenty of new friends!

MIT Media Lab - GNOME Summit

Attending GNOME Boston Summit

Gnome Foundation SponsoredLast minute decision (and thanks to a misunderstanding) I’m attending the GNOME Boston Summit and will use this opportunity to build a sales presentation for GNOME technologies geared towards device manufacturers. The GNOME Foundation is again financially helping me to go there, as they did for GNOME.Asia Summit. It’s pretty interesting to see the latest directions in GNOME Shell and be part of discussions about what effect could be integrated here and there and listen to people giving feedback on the various issues left before the final release. I’ll probably blog more the conference tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Last but not least I’ll use this opportunity to meet up with SFI board member, founder and treasurer, Matt Oquist as he lives about 3 hours from Boston and we’ll be talking about Software Freedom Day. That’s pretty exciting all by itself as we’ve been talking and doing things together for over 3 years now without even meeting each others.