Getting better gifts at SFD

sfdThanks to Freeflying, I have been involved with Software Freedom Day since August 2007. We, at the Beijing LUG organized the Beijing chapter that year, with the support of COPU, were one of the 2007 winners and I started to get involved with the great organization behind SFD. In 2008, I (and the Beijing LUG) took care and shipped all the goodies for the first 300 registered teams, and co-organized 3 events in China. This year I’ve been promoted Vice President of SFi and as such, can’t hide as being just another volunteer (though I am just ‘another volunteer’). So in order to give better support to all the teams out there making SFD happen every year, we’d like to know what kind of goodies we can send out that will help you to make a better event. Of course, we’re running on a limited budget (10,000 T-shirts won’t make it really) but it’d be really nice to get a global brainstorming going and see how SFI can provide better support. You can either get back to me by commenting on this blog or by emailing our mailing list. Looking forward to hear from everyone!

Sad day

beardyI lost one of my beardies today. Can’t tell whether it was natural death or not, he was laying asleep (their sleeping position is quite characteristic) with both eyes closed and noticed when I thought that was suspicious. We’ve had him for a year and half, and he was already adult (and sick) when he was given to us; at least one year and half year old, maybe more. They usually live 4 years (up to 10 years) in captivity so it’s really hard to say whether the poor guy reached his end-of-natural-life or not. He had his last few crickets yesterday as usual and we really couldn’t tell.

I’ll be missing him…