Free paint job!

We’ve been having some renovation going on in our hutong (the alley where we live) the past few weeks. They were cleaning, redoing the walls, repainting some doors, a needed cleanup if you ask me. And I was wondering whether that was a few of our neighbors who got together and hired a construction company to do it (and save cost) or whether it was the government being kind enough to care about how we feel when going back home.

Well I got my answer last night when I got back home and had a free paint job on my front door and my window frames. Unfortunately they didn’t tell us at all, so the windows who used to be a nice green are now brown in color and the door having been painted while closed has of course the old paint all around the frame inside. Oh, and yes, they also painted the door handle! Hard to complain though, don’t you think?

Golden Bull Award

For those of you reading the Beijing LUG site you already know we received an award last Saturday: the Golden Bull Award. I tend to be overly emotional in these kind of situations (no, I didn’t cry but hey, it was intense) and really felt proud to be representing our community, what we have done during the past year together and how fun it has been. It’s also a good feeling to be acknowledged by the leading Chinese IT community and developer magazine, us, a bunch of “laowai” who initially just wanted to have a couple of beers together and talk about Linux. We’re now a very mixed group of both Chinese and foreigners doing our best to continue to have fun while making a difference. On top of that there is a great article on ZDNet Asia front page where Peter blogs about Open Source and China, the direct link to this article is here and it talks about what we did in 2007 under the BLUG and basically why we got this award. I could add a lot to the article such as the Chuan committee, the openLibrary, the quadcopter group and all the guys who help us for each and every single project. It’s going to be soon a year that I am the BLUG President and I am so proud to be a member of this group – you guys are so easy to represent! I wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t have done it without all of you, all the work, passion, energy and support you showed. That really helped me to continue giving time (and money sometimes), and I truly hope you will give me more of the same this year 😉 A proud Beijing Linux User Group member.